Attention Undergraduate Students

Check your Degree Works audit in WebSIS to ensure that the courses you are enrolled in for the current term are applicable toward your degree. Degree Works audits are available for undergraduate students who started in Fall 2010 or later and graduate students who started in Fall 2018 or later. Ask questions of your advisor if anything is unclear! Ensure that any exceptions/substitutions that you may have been granted are reflected in your audit. It is particularly important for potential upcoming graduation candidates to review their Degree Works audits with their advisors as soon as possible.

To access Degree Works, log into your WebSIS account, select Student, and then Degree Works.

Degree Works Frequently Asked Questions and other important Degree Works information can be found on the Degree Works website.

Degree Works Tutorials are available on the Degree Works website.

FAFSA 2023-2024

YOUR MONEY STARTS WITH YOU! The FAFSA for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year will be made available starting October 1, 2022, please make sure you remember to file. Now is the time to Get Prepared By Being Prepared.

NO FAFSA??? NO FILE ??? NO MONEY! Remember to file starting October 1, 2022, by visiting the Federal Student Aid website.

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